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Own Your Day
Own Your Roar

7 Golden Keys Designed to Unlock Your Identity and Destiny

Are you ready to discover your R.O.A.R.?

“Own Your Day, Own Your Roar: 7 Golden Keys Designed to Unlock Your Identity and Destiny” is a message of hope, inspiration, and activation that Holy Spirit shared with me and instructed me to share with you.

The 7 Golden Keys are designed to equip and empower entrepreneurially minded women who are both fierce and faith-filled. These keys aim to unlock a multi-generational Remnant-R.O.A.R. and enable them to become the marketplace Lionesses they were created to be.

The concept of Owning Your Roar requires you to know your created Identity & Destiny.

With 30+ years experience as an Business Strategist, Coach, and Marketplace Minister, Korrie is passionate about people and empowering them to achieve transformational growth and success through a faith-based Kingdom perspective. 

Her mission is to blend the principles of strategic business coaching with timeless spiritual truths, helping clients not only excel in their professional endeavors but also align their actions with their faith and purpose. 

Korrie brings a unique perspective that integrates strategic thinking, leadership development, and a Kingdom-centered approach.