Own Your Day, Own Your Roar

Transformational Business Coach & Strategist for Women

Unlock Your Creative Potential & Embrace Your
Unique Strengths.

Harmonize Your Heart and Mind:
Your Inner Game is as Crucial as Your Outer Game.

As an experienced Business Strategist and Opportunity Maker, I am committed to empowering leaders like yourself to achieve excellence. My transformational coaching approach is rooted in driving strategic business initiatives, fostering innovation, and maximizing your influence.

I specialize in cultivating environments that enable you to unlock your full potential while staying true to your authentic self.

During our coaching sessions, we will delve into both your inner and outer game, identifying and addressing beliefs and behaviors that may be hindering your success and breakthroughs. Together, we will embark on a journey of Recognition, Ownership, Activation, and Release of your innate identity and purpose, breaking through limitations and embracing transformative mindsets.

The Own Your Day, Own Your Roar platform is meticulously crafted to support your personal and professional growth journey, anchored in faith and driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Platform of Services:


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7 Golden Keys Designed to Unlock Your Identity & Destiny

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The concept of Owning Your Roar hinges on your deep understanding of your created identity and destiny.

With over 30 years of experience, Korrie is dedicated to empowering individuals for transformative growth and success through a faith-based Kingdom perspective. She blends strategic business coaching principles with timeless Biblical truths, enabling clients to excel professionally while aligning their actions with faith and purpose. Korrie offers a unique blend of strategic thinking, leadership development, and Kingdom-centered coaching.

Your ROAR matters. It truly does.

Korrie recognizes the unprecedented collaboration between our Creator and His Creation in today’s era. In 2020, she launched The Roaring 2020s clothing brand, transcending mere apparel to embody a mindset. The brand acknowledges our ROAR as both a message and a mantle, empowering individuals to embrace their God-given purpose with integrity and confidence.

Driven by a call to ignite a global, multi-generational remnant roar, Korrie extends her Own Your Day, Own Your Roar Platform of Services to individuals, entrepreneurs, non-profits, businesses, and ministries. By seamlessly integrating business coaching with faith-based principles, she crafts a comprehensive coaching experience that surpasses conventional strategies.

For Korrie, true success transcends profit margins and bottom-line results. It’s about honoring God, serving others with excellence, and leaving a positive, joy-filled impact on the world we’re entrusted to steward

Celebrating Our Client's Achievements

"Korrie is an excellent strategist"

Korrie is a gifted and fantastic coach. She is knowledgeable, supportive, honest and a good listener. I value the sessions we had - each of them were refreshing and full of hope. Korrie’s enthusiasm and positivity are a big part of why her sessions are enjoyable and life-giving. She is an excellent strategist and helped me to navigate a difficult and overwhelming situation. I’m grateful for her patience and consistency in walking with me on the journey to becoming a better version of who God has created me.
~Chi Mandivenga

"genuine care for her clients"

Having personally observed Korrie's coaching, I can attest to her ability to help clients break through limitations and embrace new ways of thinking. Her 'Own Your Roar' platform is designed to support clients in their journey towards personal and professional growth, with a strong foundation in faith. Korrie's genuine care for her clients' success empowers them to discover their inner roar and tackle their goals fearlessly.

"transparent and trustworthy"

I have had the pleasure of utilizing Korrie’s consulting expertise in networking and partnerships both in the business settings as well as within the Faith based communities. She is transparent and trustworthy and because of this, I have also had her as an advisor on my board. She is hardworking, and pleasant to work with, and her network is vast -in business and faith sectors

"willingness to listen and guide"

Korrie is a wonderful, caring and most authentic Life Coach and Counsellor. She radiates a loving and nurturing charisma that allows clients to feel safe whilst they share real life events. Her willingness to listen and guide them through stressful situations allows them to know they are special.

Today's the Day to
Own Your Day, Own Your Roar!

We’re dedicated to your growth and transformation, driven by a passion for unlocking your boundless potential and cultivating a life brimming with joy and fulfillment. It’s time to break free from limitations, discover your true identity, and unleash your inner roar!

Ready to take the first step? Schedule a 15-minute discovery call with us today. Just have your phone handy. Alternatively, you can leave us a quick message or schedule one of our services by filling out the contact form below.

"korrie provides expert & timely advice"

Korrie is the life and career coach you want in your corner as you chart a new course for personal and professional growth and success. She provides expert and timely advice - driving right to the core of your questions and challenges while also inviting you to take a step back, see the bigger picture, connect the dots you may not have considered connecting, and gain new insights that you can apply in your daily practice, strategies, and critical decisions. She is exceptionally creative, sharp and specific in her strategic approaches, a giver of ideas and a person who often sees opportunities and solutions where most may see a closed door. I also appreciate her faith-based perspectives and her ability to relate on a completely human-to-human level with her coaching clients who seek to live out their lives and careers with purpose, meaning, and mission.
- A. Brown Communications/PR and
Marketing Strategist